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Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge debuts tonight

John Criswell and Peter Brooke on Jim Henson's Creature Shop Challenge

I’m a really big fan of SyFy Channel’s make-up FX competition series, Face/Off, and really excited about the debut of Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge which premieres tonight across North America. Continue reading

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Lending Tree Puppet Commercials

Lenny, the new spokespuppet from Lending Tree

A green skinned puppet named Lenny stars in a new campaign for LendingTree. If he looks a little, well, “Muppety”, that’s with good reason. Continue reading

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Thank you Jane Henson (1934-2013)

Jane Henson

The Jim Henson Company has announced that puppeteer and philanthropist Jane Nebel Henson sadly passed away at her home in Connecticut earlier today after a long battle with cancer. Continue reading

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Restoring the Skeksis

Restoring the Skeksis

In this video instalment of the Jim Henson Co. Podcast from earlier this year, the Creature Shop’s Head of Puppet Fabrication, Julie Zobel, explains the process of restoring several Skeksis puppets from The Dark Crystal that are on display at the Jim Henson Company … Continue reading

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The Making of the Nativity Story

The Making of the Nativity Story

This is a few weeks late for Christmas perhaps, but I really liked this behind-the-scenes video for The Nativity Story, which premiered at the Orlando Puppet Festival a few months ago. It’s a theatrical telling of the nativity story using two and three … Continue reading

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Xbox Kinect Interactive Puppet

Xbox Kinect Interactive Puppet

I’ve been interested in the possibilities of digital puppetry for a long time. I started a blog called Machin-X devoted to the subject back in 2005 and I’ve even experimented with my own digital puppetry system. The idea of digital puppets isn’t new; Jim Henson … Continue reading

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About selling replica puppets

Ernie Muppet replica

Lots of Muppet fans like to make their own Muppets as a hobby and many talented puppet builders got started building their very own Kermit the Frog. While there’s nothing wrong with doing that for yourself, unfortunately there’s a booming … Continue reading

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