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Grouch vs. Grumpy Cat

Oscar the Grouch with Grumpy Cat

Two famous grouches face off…Oscar The Grouch takes on Grumpy Cat in an epic “Grouch Off”. Continue reading

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Big Bird responds to Mitt Romney on Saturday Night Live

Big Bird responds to Mitt Romney on Saturday Night Live

You may have heard a little something in the news over the past few days about comments that U.S. Presidential candidate Mitt Romney made about Big Bird and cutting PBS. This is Big Bird’s response on Saturday Night Live. Continue reading

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Amazon Selling Muppet Knock-Offs – WTF?

Oscar the Grouch knock-off offered for sale on Amazon

So Amazon.com has apparently gone in the Muppet knock off business? A few weeks ago I started using Amazon’s Omakase program – an advertising platform that auto-recommends products from Amazon for visitors to a web site – on a couple … Continue reading

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About selling replica puppets

Ernie Muppet replica

Lots of Muppet fans like to make their own Muppets as a hobby and many talented puppet builders got started building their very own Kermit the Frog. While there’s nothing wrong with doing that for yourself, unfortunately there’s a booming … Continue reading

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