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Oscar the Grouch knock-off offered for sale on Amazon

Amazon Selling Muppet Knock-Offs – WTF?

So Amazon.com has apparently gone in the Muppet knock off business? A few weeks ago I started using Amazon’s Omakase program – an advertising platform that auto-recommends products from Amazon for visitors to a web site – on a couple of my sites and this morning I got an email from an alert reader who was being served ads from… Read more →

Ernie Muppet replica

About selling replica puppets

Lots of Muppet fans like to make their own Muppets as a hobby and many talented puppet builders got started building their very own Kermit the Frog. While there’s nothing wrong with doing that for yourself, unfortunately there’s a booming and very profitable trade in film and T.V. prop replicas on the internet and a small number of replica builders… Read more →