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Scene from MuppetVision 3D

Muppet Replica Lawsuit

Looks like Muppet Studios is finally doing something about the sale of Muppet replicas through sites like ebay and Amazon.com. On October 22nd The Muppets Studio, LLC filed a suit in California against three defendants named Steve Lonergan, Krystyna Stroinski, Michael Lisa as well as ten other unnamed individuals. The lawsuit is rumoured to be focused on the sale of… Read more →

Oscar the Grouch knock-off offered for sale on Amazon

Amazon Selling Muppet Knock-Offs – WTF?

So Amazon.com has apparently gone in the Muppet knock off business? A few weeks ago I started using Amazon’s Omakase program – an advertising platform that auto-recommends products from Amazon for visitors to a web site – on a couple of my sites and this morning I got an email from an alert reader who was being served ads from… Read more →

Ernie Muppet replica

About selling replica puppets

Lots of Muppet fans like to make their own Muppets as a hobby and many talented puppet builders got started building their very own Kermit the Frog. While there’s nothing wrong with doing that for yourself, unfortunately there’s a booming and very profitable trade in film and T.V. prop replicas on the internet and a small number of replica builders… Read more →