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Giant Japanese Dinosaur Puppet

Realistic giant dinosaur puppets

This super realistic dinosaur and its creator Kazuya Kanemaru were featured on the NHK World series  J-Innovators last year. It measures 6 meters long and stands 2.3m tall. Kazuya’s company developed the dinosaur so that it was precisely balanced and easy to operate. Although he doesn’t allow the NHK crew to see much of the inner workings of the dinosaur, the few glimpses… Read more →

Sekikawa Giant Snake

The world’s largest (longest?) puppet

“Officially” (at least according to Guiness) the world’s largest puppet is a giant marionette that serves as the mascot for Ottawa’s annual Ital-Fest. But measuring just 17 m 82 cm (58 ft 5.5 in) it pales in comparison to what I’m convinced is the truly world’s largest puppet, a truly massive bamboo and straw snake in Niigata, Japan that is over 82m long!… Read more →