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Monday Morning Inspiration: Get Yourself a Glarf

I don’t often do outright endorsements of specific products here on the blog, but I’ll make an exception for these because, frankly, they’re awesome. “Glarfs” are a new puppet/scarf/glove hybrid that American puppeteer David Stephens is selling through his online shop on Etsy. While I can’t personally vouch for how warm they’ll keep you in winter (Canada gets a lot… Read more →

New Pili Opening Sequence

This is the stunning new opening sequence for the new season of Pili, a martial arts themed puppet show that is insanely popular in Taiwan. According to Kelvin, this sequence was directed by Zhang Bao-Pin, who also created that awesome Chinese martial arts puppet viral video that I linked to last summer. You can also check out Zhang Bao-Pin’s previous Pili opening, which is equally impressive.… Read more →

Wulin Warriors

Wulin Warriors Returns Online

AOL’s PR department dropped me a line yesterday to say that Wulin Warriors has been launched on AOL’s KOL site. Wulin is an English language adaptation of one of my all-time favourite puppet shows, Pili. Sometimes called “Pili Puppet Theatre” or “Thunderforce”, Pili is an insanely popular series in Taiwan that mixes traditional Budaixi glove puppetry with martial arts and special effects. I… Read more →

Wulin Warriors

Thunder Force comes to Cartoon Network!

I was thrilled to learn today that Broadway Video – the production company founded by SNL creator (and fellow Canuck!) Lorne Michaels – has announced plans to bring the Taiwanese hit Thunder Force (better known on these shores as Pili Puppet Theatre) to the U.S. market on Cartoon Network this fall. For those not familiar with Thunder Force (and not many are) the best… Read more →