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Giant Japanese Dinosaur Puppet

Realistic giant dinosaur puppets

This super realistic dinosaur and its creator Kazuya Kanemaru were featured on the NHK World series  J-Innovators last year. It measures 6 meters long and stands 2.3m tall. Kazuya’s company developed the dinosaur so that it was precisely balanced and easy to operate. Although he doesn’t allow the NHK crew to see much of the inner workings of the dinosaur, the few glimpses… Read more →

King Kong Live set model

King Kong Live on Stage

A really big show – literally – is about to debut in Melbourne, Australia. King Kong is a live stage adaptation of the 1933 Hollywood classic. It features an incredible life-size animatronic King Kong designed and built by The Creature Technology Company, the brilliant Australian workshop behind Walking With Dinosaurs and How To Train Your Dragon Live. Very little footage… Read more →