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Oswald the Lucky Rabbit’s 1936 “Puppet Show”

Now this is something that you don’t see everyday…a 1936 short featuring an animated Oswald Rabbit “performing” live action marionettes. Oswald is better known as “Oswald The Lucky Rabbit”, a cartoon character originally created by Walt Disney who was extremely popular in the late 1920s. When Disney famously lost the rights to Oswald in 1928*, a mouse named Mickey took… Read more →

James Franco with the China Girl in “Oz The Great and Powerful”

Phillip Huber and the China Girl

Ain’t It Cool News has been doing a series of interviews from the set of Oz The Great and Powerful an upcoming Disney film directed by Sam Raimi. One of the interviews features Master marionette puppeteer Phillip Huber, who performed an 18 inch tall marionette version of the film’s “China Girl” character on set: One of the absolutely great discoveries… Read more →

Scene from MuppetVision 3D

Muppet Replica Lawsuit

Looks like Muppet Studios is finally doing something about the sale of Muppet replicas through sites like ebay and Amazon.com. On October 22nd The Muppets Studio, LLC filed a suit in California against three defendants named Steve Lonergan, Krystyna Stroinski, Michael Lisa as well as ten other unnamed individuals. The lawsuit is rumoured to be focused on the sale of… Read more →

Turtle Talk with Crush

Turtle Talk with Crush

Disney employs a lot of puppeteers and uses a surprising amount of cutting-edge puppetry in their theme park attractions. I’ve never actually been to the Magic Kingdom myself yet, but one of the coolest puppetry-related attractions I’ve heard of Disney’s Imagineers devising is Turtle Talk with Crush. In the attraction Crush (the sea turtle from Finding Nemo) swims up on a large… Read more →