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King Kong Live set model

King Kong Live on Stage

A really big show – literally – is about to debut in Melbourne, Australia. King Kong is a live stage adaptation of the 1933 Hollywood classic. It features an incredible life-size animatronic King Kong designed and built by The Creature Technology Company, the brilliant Australian workshop behind Walking With Dinosaurs and How To Train Your Dragon Live. Very little footage… Read more →

DiDi & B

DiDi & B

DiDi & B is a charming interstitial series that airs on the Nick Jr. children’s network in Australia. The show is built around a positive butterfly named Didi and B, a friendly “spelling” bumble bee. The two live together in a magical garden where they “play, craft, joke, sing and dance.” Read more →

Work by effects artist Greg McKee

Greg McKee’s Wild Things

I was doing some animatronics research the other day and I came across the YouTube channel of veteran FX artist Greg McKee, who has lots of great videos posted on YouTube. This video of a Mon Camamari from Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith is probably my favourite, but who doesn’t love Nute Gunray? Or for that matter, who doesn’t want to see a Terminator… Read more →

How to Make A Beat

How To Make A Beat

I’m not really musically inclined whatsoever and so I actually learned something watching How To Make A Beat, a clever little short film in which a puppet explains how to create music. It’s by an Australian company called Isore Productions and sort of a modern spin on an old Muppet routine called Visual Thinking. Thanks to Jabberwockie for the great link! Read more →