PuppetVision is all about puppetry from around the world and across the web.

PuppetVision began as a series of small, informal screenings of short puppet films and videos at various venues in and around Toronto, Canada in the early 2000s. With emergence of online video and a desire to reach a wider audience, the “PuppetVision” concept moved online with The PuppetVision Blog, which launched in November 2004. Over the next decade, the PuppetVision Blog grew in to the one of the world’s most popular puppetry web sites, with over 70,000 fans from more than 100 different countries watching and discovering puppetry through PuppetVision and its social media channels every year.

In 2011, we began extensively travelling, meeting and interviewing amazing puppeteers and having fascinating discussions with them about their work; what they do, how they do it and why. These fantastic interviews are being combined with performance footage, rare film clips, and original puppetry sequences to create a fun, accessible documentary that will take you on a globe trotting journey to meet incredible puppeteers from every corner of the globe and explore the wonderful work that they do. PuppetVision is scheduled to be completed and begin screening at film and puppetry festivals internationally in late 2014. A wide release on DVD, Blu-ray and online streaming video is anticipated in 2015.

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The PuppetVision Blog, PuppetVision: The Movie, and PuppetVision Studios are based in Toronto, Canada and have no connection to the very talented puppeteer/builder Philip Millar’s Australian company or the similarly-named  Christian Puppet troupe in New Zealand…although we have it on good authority that they’re all very nice folks!