About Andrew

I’m an independent filmmaker, motion graphics artist and professional puppeteer based in Toronto, Canada.

I began my professional career performing black light puppetry at the age of eighteen, spending about four years performing in close to 1,000 shows in Toronto, across Canada and around the world.

Since then I’ve been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work in almost every style of puppetry, designing, directing and performing on both stage and screen with and for a variety of artists and organizations throughout Canada, the United States, Chile, Japan, Taiwan, Mexico and South Africa.

A long time ago (circa 1997) I created what was probably the Internet’s first puppet web series, The Marshall and Buck Show. Later on (2004) I created the PuppetVision Blog as well as its much less frequently updated cousin, Machin-X: Digital Puppetry, which explores the convergence of pixels, puppetry and interactive technologies. A little more recently (2008-2012), I was a co-founder and the Creative Director of the Unraku Puppetry Studio in Toronto.

I’ve also been lucky enough to find myself employed on various projects for film and television with some great organizations like The Comedy Network, Discovery Networks, Universal Music and the Canadian Film Centre.

Currently, in addition to directing PuppetVision: The Movie, I’m touring the animated/puppet short Someone Might Lose A Finger on the film festival circuit. I’m also often invited to teach and speak about puppetry at conferences, festivals and schools internationally several times each year and I freelance quite a bit as an Animator and Digital Media Producer.

I speak English (obviously), really bad colloquial Spanish and I’m making a so-far-futile attempt to learn Chinese. I make my home in a very old house in Toronto, where I try to spend my increasingly non-existent spare time hiking, biking, reading, watching movies and trying to catch up on some desperately needed sleep.

Questions and comments are always welcome via puppetvision@gmail.com.