Monday Morning Inspiration: Tobias Stretch’s Incredible ‘Unity’

Whether you’re starting the week with a holiday (like our friends in Britain and the United States) or just headed off to work (like me), take a few minutes to enjoy and be inspired by Unity, a fantastic animated short by American video artist Toby Stretch.

Toby created the video by taking over ten thousand (!) photos of large – and larger-than-life – articulated puppets, working 16 hour days for several months during the brutal North American winter of 2013/14. Paired with the music of composer Christopher Bono, the end result is a beautiful, cinematic and somewhat trippy film that’s unlike anything I’ve seen before.

You can learn more about the making of Unity over at the Creator’s Project, which has a great interview with Toby Stretch about his work and filmmaking process.

Via Fast Company.

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